Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Final Day on the Road

It was a strange feeling waking up and knowing that the next bed we’d be waking up in would back at Sarah’s Mum’s place on the farm, with the smell of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee. We checked out of our hostel and had a light breakfast on our way to Chinatown where we finally bought gifts to take home. We found a vegetarian place for lunch that was healthy but not really tasty, but we made up for it when we found a kopi (Singaporean coffee) shop down the road that served really nice and strong kopi which was exactly what we needed.

Home to the farm
We decided to see the famous malls on Orchid Avenue, although they were completely out of our price range as expected but it was nice to window shop and browse the book shops. We went back to Little India and found the rest of the gifts that we needed before going back to Lavender Food Court for a really good laksa and pad thai, Dave’s two favourite dishes and a great way to finish our journey. 

They kindly let us shower back at the hostel even though we’d checked out, something much needed after the humidity of Singapore or we would’ve smelt horrible for the overnight flight. It took a little over an hour to get back to the airport on the metro but we were in no rush as our flight wasn’t till 2am. The time passed surprisingly quickly and before we knew it we were boarding the final flight of our adventure, finally bound for home and super excited about seeing our friends and family. The combination of uncomfy seats and thoughts about home meant neither of us really slept but we were sure that the adrenaline once we landed would keep us awake for the next day – and it sure did!

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