Friday, 21 November 2014

Final Day in China

Normally on our last day in a country we have something at least half grand planned, but not today. Today was all about sleeping in, checking out as close to 12 as possible and then managing to occupy ourselves in the city until our flight at 10pm. Finding something to do in town proved to be very easy as we chanced upon a massive pedestrian only shopping area and spent a good couple of hours exploring it, searching again for presents and enjoying checking out the myriad of shops.

Before we knew it 4.30pm arrived and we needed to be back at the hotel in an hour to begin heading to the airport, so we quickly found some food and more importantly a green tea ice cream for dessert. We crammed ourselves into a packed double decker bus to get back to the hotel and due to some heavy traffic realised that we were now half an hour behind schedule, to make matters worse by the time we grabbed our bags and made it back to the bus station we had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus which wasn’t even the direct one meaning that the trip to the metro to take us to the airport took a lot longer than we’d accounted for. Turns out that it didn’t matter as we neglected to check the operating hours of the metro and for some reason it closed at 6.10pm (Come on.. really?!) Since it was already 7.15 we’d missed it by a long shot and we had no option but to hail a cab, of which there were plenty – obviously the closed metro caught more people than just us out. Thankfully our driver used a meter and our also understood we were in a hurry.

Our flight was leaving from the brand new Kunming airport and the building is very cool – and clean – and empty! Being empty meant that despite our delays we had no trouble checking in on time and then we could relax and explore the echoing halls till our flight. We even managed to finally find some gifts which used up every single last Yuan that we had, how’s that for budgeting! 

The flight was much like the airport - practically empty which seemed very strange, but then at the last minute a tour group arrived and very quickly the plane was filled with old Chinese people who didn’t understand any of the rules and etiquettes of flying… thankfully only four hours later we landed in the wee hours of the morning at our last destination for our year long trip – Singapore!

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