Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Failed Temple Visit

We slept in until 11am – a much needed refreshing sleep that we’d been lacking of late. The plan for the day, or more correctly the afternoon, was to visit the Bamboo Temple on the outskirts of town. According to Google maps it was fairly straightforward to navigate there – take bus 237 to the terminus and then bus C63 to the temple. Simple on the phone, but the 1st trip took almost an hour and the 2nd bus didn’t even turn up. We waited for a whole hour, gave up and walked to the next stop to look at the list of buses and discovered that the bus we needed no longer existed so we figured that it must have stopped doing the route, and no one had yet told Google…

Since we’d already travelled almost an hour we thought that it shouldn’t cost too much to take a taxi the rest of the way, but after two failed attempts to convince taxi drivers to use their meters instead of trying to charge us at least triple what it should’ve been we decided that we were hungry and could no longer be bothered with the further hassle of getting to the temple. Instead we caught bus 237 back into town and had a small lunch before exploring the markets hoping to find some suitable gifts for our nieces and nephews. Unfortunately everything we found was either overpriced or really tacky so we ended up empty handed. Surprisingly China was proving to have a severe lack of the Chinese trinkets that it’s famous for!

We watched some funny dance lessons in the park, it’s pretty cool how people don’t seem to mind dancing in public even if they are beginners, and the dancers ranged from the young to the old, the latter usually being much more coordinated - probably due to many more years of practice. The afternoon passed very quickly as we continued on our hunt for gifts and before we knew it, it was time to find somewhere for our second last dinner in China. How fast the time had gone! When we returned to the hotel we pulled everything out of our bags and checked all our pockets to make sure that we weren’t going to accidently take something through customs. Then we repacked, managing to shove everything in before enjoying what would be our last decent shower for a while.

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