Thursday, 30 October 2014

Last and Final Overnight Train

View over Dali from the Pagodas 
We packed up and headed into town to the GoGo Café for a relaxed Saturday morning brunch, something we hadn’t done in a long time and we lazed around at the café til almost 2pm just watching the passer-by’s and sheltering from the on and off rain. We were both feeling rather exhausted despite a good sleep in and we thought we had either caught something or the constant moving was finally catching us up - or both!

We decided however that since it was our last day in Dali we shouldn’t spend all day lazing around so we got ourselves up and went for a decent explore around the rest of the town. We went back to our hotel in the late arvo and picked up our bags to head to the station at 8.30pm although we should’ve left earlier as the bus took 20 minutes to show up and by then we were beginning to worry about making it on time, especially since the bus only took us to the edge of town and we then had to find a taxi to get us the rest of the way to the station. 

We made it just in time and our train turned out to be better than we thought, a nice change for once, and even though we didn’t sleep great it was still fairly comfy and not too feral. When we arrived in Kunming at 5.45am it was still dark and we knew that there was no point trying to head to our accommodation so early so we saw a 24 hour Maccas on Google Maps and decided to hide out there till at least the sun had come up (which took exactly 3 coffees, 2 egg McMuffins and 1 OJ to do so).

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