Thursday, 30 October 2014


After our early Maccas breakfast we ventured out into the new day to explore the new town. We found the bus we needed to get to our hotel and boarded just as the skies opened and it rained torrentially. Despite reviews saying the accommodation would be difficult to find, and we knew this could be very true from experience, we fortunately found it easily and we were also fortunate enough to be able to check straight in despite the early hour. This meant we could shower and be refreshed for exploring the city.

The temple we went to first was the largest in the area and still practicing with monks performing their daily prayers as well as making numerous loops of the pond in the middle of the grounds. We wandered through the main park of the temple before finding some lunch in a food court, although Sarah’s stomach was still not great, it seemed this sickness was really taking a while to shake. 

We planned on a short afternoon nap to recharge after the very early morning but as neither of us remembered to set an alarm we didn’t stir till 7pm, which was not what we had planned but it did mean that it was dinner time which we went directly out to find. Afterwards we managed to explore at least part of the city before we were too tired for anymore and it was back to bed and despite having slept most of the arvo the comfy bed meant we had an excellent night and actually didn’t wake up the next day till 11am! Perhaps we are just a little exhausted…

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