Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Sick Bus Trip

Old Lijiang in the morning
We were up at 8.30am as we didn’t want to get to Dali late and so after checking out with two very hung-over girls (who we assumed were the main reason for the early morning disturbances) we walked to the Old Town and stopped at a delicious bakery for some breakfast before hiking up the hill and catching a taxi to the bus station. Unfortunately the next available bus wasn’t until 1.30pm and the trip would take 4 hours, so in the end we wouldn’t be arriving till evening and most of the day would be wasted.

We had time to kill so we crossed the road and found a place for a noodle soup for lunch, which reminded us a bit of spaghetti bolognaise just in strange soup form, not really what we were after. Sarah was feeling quite fluey so we made a trip to the Chemist - all we could find were some sachets of terrible tasting powder that when mixed with water was meant to make one feel so much better – if it tastes bad then it’s good for you right?

Our bus was due so we waited in the designated ‘Waiting Area’ in which most people were smoking despite the No Smoking signs. Also, there were many children running around in the popular fashion - crutchless pants, defecating at will and then sitting on the plastic chairs so we decided standing was quite a good option…

The four hour bus trip would have been fine except that Sarah felt like throwing up the whole way, and did just that at the half way stop point, which at least meant the second half of the trip was a bit better. The bus dropped us off at the beginning of the Old Town in Dali and we negotiated a taxi to take us to the Yellow Canary as Sarah was in no state to be walking with her backpack. Our host, Cici, was really nice and welcoming and even carried Sarah’s bag to our alternative hotel for the night, thankfully only 5 minutes away, as Hostel Bookers had double booked the room for the first night.

Our alternative room was in fact quite an upgrade, a very nice hotel room, and Sarah went straight to bed and slept for 3 hours while Dave explored the nearby town and found some dinner of which Sarah couldn’t eat any at all as her stomach was still too sore from being sick. We were hoping a good night’s sleep was all that was needed as Dali was meant to be a great town to explore… 

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