Friday, 5 September 2014

Jinsha Museum

Even though we didn’t have much planned for the day we still got up at a decent hour in order to not get into a bad routine, which turned out to be a good thing as we accidently got off the bus 2km before Jinsha museum so it was almost midday by the time that we actually arrived. 

The Jinsha Museum is very new and well set-up. In one area they are displaying the excavation of the site in action - it’s a slow and careful process being undertaken. Where the excavation has already been completed there are over 1200 artefacts on display in an impressive building. We spent our time exploring the site, seeing how the process worked and then marvelling at the many artefacts well presented. The grounds around the worksite are also rather pleasant and nicely presented, so all in all it was an enjoyable visit.

Delicious Dumplings
We found an excellent place for lunch and had some of the best dumplings yet – mainly due to the amazing dipping sauce that came with it. After such an enjoyable lunch we were now faced with the not so enjoyable task of going to the train station to try to buy tickets. Even though we went on the same day that the tickets went on sale they really do sell out fast, already there were only hard beds left, but since it was only a 7 hour trip we weren’t too concerned and really just happy that we actually had managed to get tickets for once. 

We decided to try the restaurant at our hostel for dinner as we’d done a lot of walking and preferred to relax for the evening. This turned out not to be a bad decision as the food was well priced and really good - eggplant with lotus root and delicious fried rice. After dinner we started the arduous task of making a list of everything we needed to get organised before we arrived back home, not the most enjoyable way to spend the evening but a task that we’d been putting off for far too long…

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