Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ancient Lijiang

Despite getting to bed at 2.30am we were awake before 8 thanks to the rock smashing that was happening outside the window – turns out that in the dark we hadn’t noticed the construction site directly behind the hotel. Oh well, at least it got us up and out to enjoy the day. 

Beautiful Tower in the
Ancient Town
Dave went out to pay and reserve the room for another night and returned with the news that there would be no hot water till the arvo so we passed on a shower (luckily we’d had one only 6 hours earlier) and headed out for a dumpling and noodle breakfast and two overpriced but really needed, and surprisingly nice, coffees.

Along the river
We explored the very picturesque ancient town, walking the cobblestone streets that were now enjoyable in the daylight, and strolling amongst the beautiful houses. We dodged the rather frequent horse and cart combos that were already taking tourists around the main streets and found ourselves at the stream that wound through the centre of town and followed it all the way to the main entrance gate. 

Hungry Ghost Festival
After lunch we recuperated back in our room for an hour before having our belated showers and then explored the nearby river and pool and hiked up a nearby mountain for the view over the town. We roamed around again, exploring the shops selling an amazing variety of goods, before finding a tasty dinner. We stayed out late to watch the locals light torches to ward off evil spirits (we’d managed to time our visit with the Hungry Ghost Festival) but unfortunately not long after the torches had been lit the evening was finished by the incoming storm and we decided that bed would be preferable to the impending soaking…

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