Friday, 15 August 2014

Around Xi’an

Lunch in the making!
We had a relaxed morning and checked out just before noon and took a taxi into town. We left our bags at the Melody Hotel for the day for only 10CNY and headed into the Muslim quarter again for breakfast, which time-wise was really lunch… The found some of the LP famous sesame noodles, but they were actually not that great so we moved on and found our own tasty treats from other street sellers instead. We wanted to see the Forest of the Steles Museum but unfortunately the price had tripled and we didn’t think looking at untranslated stelae was worth 75CNY so we instead continued our explorations of town. 

Some of the beautiful Folk House 
We were both quite footsore after a long day on our feet the previous day so we gladly sat down and enjoyed a rather good ché come mid-afternoon. We chanced upon the Folk House Museum and for 20CNY we could enter, explore an ancient estate and also try some traditional Chinese tea – bargain! The estate was beautiful and in old Chinese style, it even had four cool birds in cages that could actually talk and even though we couldn’t understand the Chinese words they were saying it was interesting to watch their throats move as they formed words. The tea tasting was really nice and we sampled five different types of tea, our favourite being ‘Lotus Concubine’ but we haven’t been able to find it since as we declined buying on the spot thinking we’d find it cheaper elsewhere – bummer that we didn’t. 

One of the talkative birds
After a tasty dumpling dinner it was time to journey to the airport and fly onto our next destination, Chongqing. Once we’d landed, it took us half an hour to get to the bus station from the airport and from there we had to take a taxi to the Hotel Inn as it was too dark and late to try and walk. Check in again took a long time as the concierge didn’t speak any English and was very thorough about something we didn’t understand. It took almost half an hour and it really dragged on as it was already 2am and all we wanted to do was sleep! Thankfully just passed 2 we did a quick bed bug check and then finally sleep was possible.

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