Sunday, 13 July 2014


Chen Clan Academy
Man are we tired, not sure why but maybe the travel is finally catching up with us. We packed our bags and headed back to the metro and after a false start in the wrong direction we finally got the right train and dragged ourselves to the Garden Inn. We arrived not only starving, as we hadn’t managed to find breakfast en-route, but also soaking wet as the rain had decided to come down in torrents. 

We were very relieved that for a cheaper price our room was actually an improvement on the last one with a window that actually let in fresh air! We didn’t waste much time in dropping our bags off before heading out to find food. Luckily just across the road there was a hole in wall eatery where we could see the chef making fresh noodles. We eagerly sat down and Sarah pointed to a soup dish pictured on the wall and Dave indicated that he would like what a fellow costumer was already eating. However, our pointing mustn’t have been as accurate as we thought as we both ended up with the same noodle dish. Fortunately it was extremely tasty and we left with full noodle bellies to catch the metro to Beijing Pedestrian Street where we had a much needed coffee before continuing to the Chen Clan Academy. It was a beautiful building and grounds with heaps of great art, both old and new.

Outside the Chen Clan Academy
Each room was dedicated to a different style of art – painting, embroidery, sculpture, carvings etc. We spent a couple of hours admiring the art and the ancient grounds before going to the ‘Best IT Street’ in town and searching for a new adaptor for the touchpad and another cable for our laptop as our previous cheap one had not worked.  

The rain was fairly persistent by late afternoon which made exploring by foot not overly enjoyable so we found a massive shopping centre and had a cheap dinner before drying out back in our room where we discovered that at least our touchpad charger worked, but the laptop cable was a dud, 1 out of 2 isn’t too bad…

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