Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Relaxing in Guilin

Craggy, foggy mountains from Fubo Hill
After a slow morning we went out to lunch at a fairly posh restaurant in town, which meant food took a long time to arrive but it was fairly decent at least! Our only real aim for the day was to successfully book a train ticket from Chengdu to Kunming as our repeated previous attempts had all failed. Turns out we got the same ‘not available’ response at the CITS office as we’d had in the station, but the lady spoke enough English to tell us that tickets go on sale 10 days in advance and once they do they book out very quickly. 

Frustrated by the news we headed out to explore the northern parts of Guilin that we hadn’t yet explored. We intended to visit the ‘Solitary Beauty Peak’ but it turned out that the cost was four times what the LP quoted so we decided that it wasn’t worth the cost. Instead we hiked up Fubo Hill which ended up having better views than the expensive site as it was next to the river. We met a nice Aussie couple from Avoca Beach while we were enjoying the view. They had just been distributing Bibles in Serbia and were now on their way home, they had quite a few stories.

Sunset over the river
We had sushi for dinner – really good and freshly made – but the wasabi was something else. It was so potent we really thought our brains were going to explode, much to the amusement of the locals around us, especially since we kept going back for more! We had an interesting bubble tea to wash down the wasabi, it had bubbles in it that popped and then oozed inside your mouth - really peculiar sensation, but delicious! 

We had an evening flight so after dinner we headed back to our hotel and collected our bags and caught the 8.30pm bus to the airport. Check in was no problem but our 11.55pm flight was delayed till 12.30am, surprisingly we still got food and drink on the plane at 1am – no easyJet here! Despite the early hour when we landed there was shuttle bus waiting to take us into town and once there we negotiated a tuktuk to take us to the Garden Inn – all up it was a lot less hassle then we were expecting, but it was still 4.30am by the time we crawled into bed.

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