Monday, 14 July 2014

Here Comes the Sun – Almost

The Five Goat Statue
We again had a sleep in as it seemed there wasn’t too much point in being out and about early as nothing was open. When we emerged we were pleased to discover that it had stopped raining and the sun could almost be glimpsed. We headed back to Patang Food Street to visit the excellent bakery and enjoy a surprisingly tasty cappuccino despite our original fears when the young girl looked lost with the machine.

We felt like true Westerners walking down the street sipping our take-away cappuccino’s, but at least they gave us the pep up that we needed. We made our way back to the electronics market to try and change our laptop cable, but as luck would have it was closed between 9-3 due to no electricity. But at least something good came of it when a friendly girl directed us to the Six Banyan Pagoda that we otherwise would’ve missed, which would have been disappointing as it was beautiful and enjoyable to see.

We had lunch at ‘Comic City’ – quite falsely named as it was just another huge shopping complex and not filled with comic shops, characters and all associated paraphernalia, as we were hoping it was. The metro had a station underneath the complex so we took it up to the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King which was discovered, as so many buried ruins seem to be, when they were digging to build the metro system. The remains, of which there is a surprising amount, were very nicely presented and it was interesting to see that the ancient Chinese also believed in burying their Kings with concubines and servants like they did in Egypt.

We continued on to visit the Yuexiu Park but it was so humid we didn’t stay long, just walked around till we managed to find the famous five goat statue that was featured on our metro card. The park was a nice oasis in the middle of the massive city but it was simply too hot to hang around – we almost preferred the rain! 

It was passed 4pm so we went back to the electronics street to see if it had opened as promised, but it was all still shut up tight so we re-explored the pedestrian street and Sarah bought a new watch for $8.50 that looked quite nice, we were curious to see how long it actually ticked for…

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