Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Guilin by Night

Sun and Moon Pagodas by night
It took us a bit of time to find the Xinxin Hotel as it was off the main road and with only Chinese signage and we walked passed it a few times without realising. Our room was surprisingly nice for only $17 so we decided to spend three nights there and take just a day trip to visit the famous town of Yangshou. We set out to explore the town which turned out to be bigger than expected and it took us a while to find the Sun and Moon Pagodas which were rather nice out on a lake and we decided it would be worth the walk to see them lit up at night. 

We explored the old part of town and after relaxing in the arvo headed back out to visit the night markets and see the lake and pagodas all lit up like a fairy tale. There are nice little walking paths along the lake edge so we could enjoy the pagodas from all angles as well as the old bridges and many row boats, all with fairy lights, taking local tourists for a romantic paddle.

We sampled heaps of food as we walked around and by 10pm we were totally full and our legs had had enough so we walked slowly back to our room. We had to be up by 7am for our day trip to Yangshou anyway…

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