Monday, 14 July 2014

Going on to Guilin

We checked out in the morning and set out to again try to replace our laptop charger as it was making booking things rather difficult without the use of the laptop. Luckily this time the electronics market was open and in business and in the end we were able to work out that our charger in fact worked fine, it was just the cheap cable that was the problem. The guy even remembered us and replaced the cable for free which we thought was fairly decent of him since we had no receipt, but I guess not many foreigners had been in the store so perhaps we were easy to remember.

We were yet to see the waterfront so we caught the metro to the river and after some misdirection finally found the river and strolled along it, stopping in at a ‘fast food’ noodle place for lunch. We continued on and found the ‘island’ that the LP recommended seeing, but we timed finding it with the breaking of the afternoon storm. It was fairly torrential and we hid in a shopfront for a while and ended up buying a magnet from the nice owner as payment for her shelter.

Since it looked as if the rain wouldn’t be letting up soon we decided to head to a café. Unfortunately it seemed that everyone else had the same idea and the place was packed, not one seat left. The storm finally cleared though and we continued exploring the pleasant island which was covered in beautiful colonial style buildings, large old trees and wide pedestrian streets and worth waiting out the rain for. 

We had an overnight train to catch so we went back and collected our things and headed back to the train station. Technically you’re meant to be able to cash in your metro card for a refund, but we were unable to do so, so we left them on the machine hoping that someone else could benefit from it instead. We were in a carriage with a mother and her two kids, but they were well behaved and the trip was quite bearable. Even better we only arrived one hour late in Guilin, that’s almost on time! 

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