Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Massive City

Very cool statues at the Guangxiao Temple
We slept in till 10am as things are nice and quiet with only one interior window. We walked up the street and enjoyed a late breakfast of steamed taro, dumplings and tasty various small baked goods. We caught the metro into the tourist area and visited Guangxiao Temple where we circled the pagoda three times for good luck. We were fortunate enough to witness the monks performing their mid-morning chant in the monastery which was open along one side, it was rather trance like watching and listening to the rhythmic mantras. 

We continued to stroll through town and stumbled along an electronics market where we were able to find the Dell charger that we needed for our laptop for only $7.50. We continued up to the Chen Clan Academy, but we were unfortunately too late to visit as it was just past 5pm. The place looked really interesting though so we decided that we should revisit on another day. 

Three times around the pagoda for good luck
Upon checking our map we saw that ‘Patang Food St’ was only 500m further down the road and we thought that definitely sounded like the place to head to for dinner. Our first dish was at a small dumpling soup stand, we couldn’t identify any of the dishes on the billboard so we just pointed to a picture and hoped for the best. We had no idea what the meat inside the dumpling was, but we were pretty sure that we had never tried it before so we took a photo of the item on the menu for translation later (although given the flavour we were pretty certain that it was perhaps better not to know…)

Our identified dumpling soup...
Our next dish was a thick congé style soup with fat short noodles which was excellent in flavour and we really enjoyed. For dessert we ended up at a bakery that did a ché style dish. It was massive and really tasty and the two young girls serving us were really friendly. By the time we made it back to the metro it was dark and we didn’t make it back to the hotel till 9pm where we then spent most of the night finding a cheaper place to stay for the next two nights. We were a bit worried about how much of a downgrade booking a place that was $10 cheaper/night would be but we decided that for the savings it was worth it (that’s the type of budget we were on!)

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