Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Typhoon Level Ten

Around the streets of HK
We wanted to get out and about and do some electronics shopping before we had to check out and move hostels. Since our current place was conveniently located directly adjacent to the biggest computer nerd plaza in Hong Kong this wasn’t too hard. We ran through the rain only to discover that everything was closed and after reading the few signs that were in English we realised that the earliest that anything opened was 11am, if not 12.

After searching in vain for a coffee (seemed like it wasn’t only the computer shops that opened late) we decided it would be a better use of our time to pack up and move hostels. We caught the metro to our next place, the Dragon Inn, which proved a little difficult to find as it was on the 7th floor of a shopping mall and not all lifts went to every floor and signs were hard to come by. We finally managed to get ourselves in the right lift and we checked ourselves into our small, windowless room. It was at least clean and the shared bathroom was better located than in our previous place but it wasn’t somewhere we wanted to spend any time in other than to sleep.

We headed back to the computer plaza which was now alive and busy and we enjoyed a couple of hours of exploring the laden warrens, overflowing with high tech gadgets. We purchased a cover for our touch pad with an inbuilt Bluetooth keyboard for only $22 before heading to the ‘shoe street’ to find some Birkenstocks and runners. En route the weather seriously worsened and TV’s were broadcasting that the level 8 typhoon would soon arrive so we thought we should eat and get back indoors. We tried some ‘squid balls’ on the street which were delicious and some eggplant and chilli noodles before retreating to our concrete box. 

The storm started in the afternoon and steadily worsened until by 1am it was officially upgraded to a Level 10 typhoon – the highest in a decade - and we were actually really, really happy to not have a room with windows! Even in our inner room we could hear the wind whistling through the pipes and our room shook as the building must have been moving and swaying under the massive force of the wind. We were a little worried since we were so many floors off the ground but there was nothing we could do except sit tight, so that’s what we did. We were intrigued to see what the morning would bring when we ventured outside…

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