Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The clean up after the typhoon
It’s so easy to sleep in when your room has no windows and no source of natural light so it was a good thing that we set our alarm. By 10am the typhoon level was reduced from a level 8 to a level 3 and we were proud to say that we’d survived our first level 10 typhoon! We emerged to a sea of destroyed umbrella carcasses and tonnes of debris littering the street, it looked like there had been a massive party that no one cleaned up after. Disappointingly though, nearly all the shops were closed so we just wandered through the carnage waiting to see if anything was going to open up. 

Two hours later we gave up, went back to our room and packed up and headed to the station to catch a train onto the main land, Guangzhou. Fortunately the train turned out to be really comfy and the two hour trip went quickly by. Customs to enter the mainland were straightforward and we also managed to buy a metro card without a problem, but when it came to buying train tickets for the next leg of our trip we were told that there were only hard seats left and that that was the case for the next three days. We decided that due to the possible language misunderstandings we should try to find a travel agent and see if we could get tickets that way, even if we had to pay a fee it’d be worth it for a soft sleeper.

We caught the metro to our hotel, the ‘Home Inn’, which was better than expected although we weren’t able to bargain the price down at all. We headed straight back out and caught the metro back to Central Station to give getting tickets one more shot before finding an agent, and after the one person who spoke English in the entire place was summoned we managed to book two tickets on a soft sleeper two days later than we’d hoped for, but really we were just happy to have tickets.

We found some sushi for dinner back in town and then it was bedtime, our 1am typhoon experience had left us feeling quite drained and all we wanted was a good night’s sleep so we could enjoy exploring town over the next few days, well we had a few more days than we’d hoped now our train travel was delayed.


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