Friday, 11 April 2014

Nature Tarnished

The staircase into
the caves
Up, up & up
We caught the train to the outskirts of KL to visit the famous Batu Caves. We quickly learnt that one should try to time the train correctly or else be prepared for quite a wait between… When we arrived it was a short walk from the station to the caves and we hiked up the 200 or so steps to enter the massive cave formation which was dotted with shrines and colourful statues. However, in our opinion the place would have been much more beautiful in its natural state without being littered with colourful figurines.

We didn’t want to pay to enter the ‘Dark Cave’ as it didn’t look that interesting and we were also getting a bit over the annoying monkeys who had already snatched Sarah’s water bottle directly out of her hand. Actually we weren’t sure which was more annoying, the monkeys or the 100’s of tourists feeding and photographing them. We walked back to the station and again we just missed the train (no kidding about that timing...) and so by the time we made it back to central we were starving! We made our way quickly to Chinatown where we enjoyed a hot pot for a late lunch followed by testing out a taro cendol for dessert – worth trying!
The maim temple inside Batu Caves

The beautiful cave and natural skylight
We made it back to the hostel moments before the massive storm that had been brewing all arvo hit and it lasted until 7.30pm. When the skies cleared we ventured out to the Bintag area where Dave managed to find a tasty laksa before we packed up our bags and tried to grab 3 hours sleep before it our alarm woke us up for our early morning start – onwards to Hong Kong!

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