Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Successful Day

We weren’t too rushed in the morning as we only needed to make the 10am bus to take us the depot. We made it with time to spare to the bus stop, which was unfortunate as there wasn’t much shelter there and it wasn’t long before the rain started. We did our best to hide under a tree while we waited, but by 10.25 we had begun to think that the bus wasn’t going to show. We decided that if we were still waiting by 10.30 we’d just hail a taxi and save getting completely soaked. So when 10.30 ticked over, Sarah signalled a taxi and just as it pulled over of course the bus showed up. We waved the taxi on and gladly boarded the dry bus.

Petronas Towers
We were treated to the full, slow bus tour of Melaka which meant it took us 40 minutes to get to the bus depot. Fortunately we just managed to get the last two tickets on the KKKL bus at 11.30, but we had to run for it and skip lunch again. We raced to our room as soon as the bus got dropped us off and dumped our bags before continuing to hurry onto the Chinese Embassy, hoping to make it there before the 3pm cut-off. We just made it in time and a few minutes later happily walked out with two Chinese visa’s, our last paperwork hurdle for traveling! 

Deciding to celebrate we continued onto the Petronas Towers and made it just in time for a session of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and we thankfully managed to quickly grab a quick snack in the food court before settling in for our second movie of the week. We were extremely hungry when we got out at 7pm but we wanted to see if Dave’s glasses were ready so we returned to the huge shopping complex before having dinner. Fortunately they were in, but unfortunately, despite many promises of thinner lenses, they were just as thick as his Peruvian pair - but at least they weren’t scratched to bits…

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