Thursday, 20 March 2014

Nerd Heaven, Spiderman and Visa

After a bit of a sleep in we headed down to see what the provided breakfast included. Unfortunately it consisted of cheap white bread and butter-contaminated jam so we passed and instead went to the massive computer mega-store that Dave in his computer nerdism had heard so much about. It consisted of six floors jammed packed full of everything tech, and it took us quite some time to cover them all. Dave’s quote of the morning, which was repeated often, was ‘When we get home, when we have jobs, when we have money, we’re going to buy this*!’ (*This was numerous different items throughout the day…)

We lunched at the food court which had a great variety and it took us a long time to actually choose what we’d eat. We finally settled on ramen noodles and they were delicious. Afterwards, we went to buy Dave some new glasses as his current pair were well and truly scratched to death - the perils of traveling. We shopped around for some time as nowhere was as cheap as we thought, but that was mainly due to Dave needing super strong lenses. In the end we found a place that could have them ready in five days for 700 RMB, we only had five days left so we hoped there would be no delays.

We spent the rest of the arvo getting our stuff organised for our Chinese Visa application which we were planning to submit the following day. After having enough of the paperwork and form-filling we headed back to China Town for dinner and another fun explore of the night markets.

We were up early the next day in order to get to the Chinese Embassy and apply for our visa’s, and it was a good thing we did because when we arrived we were told that asides from the documents we already had we also needed a photocopy of our passports, our Malaysian visa and previous China visa since we’d visited before. This was new compared to what was stated on the website as apparently the procedure had been recently updated but the website hadn’t followed suit yet. Fortunately, we could get this done for a cost nearby and an hour later we had our forms successfully submitted and we were given an interview time of 9am for the following morning.

Petronas Towers
It hadn’t heated up too much yet so we walked through town to the Petronas Towers, and by the time we got there we were sweaty enough to enjoy the aircon inside - so we strolled around the massive shopping centre inside and chanced upon the movie theatre. Turned out that the new Spiderman was showing and it had been years (literally!) since we’d seen a movie on the big screen…. in English. It didn’t disappoint and we quite enjoyed our long overdue cinema experience.

We lunched in the food court as it had many options all reasonably priced before walking back to our area of town and doing some shopping in the China Town district. We bought Dave another pair of ‘Birkenstocks’ to tide him over till we found something better. Hopefully they lasted longer then the fake ones we bought in India!

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