Friday, 21 March 2014

Interview and onto Melaka

We made it to the Chinese Embassy a bit before 9am and stood in the queue for our interview, a little bit nervous but also pretty sure that there was no reason to be. As we progressed in the queue we had a minor panic attack as we couldn’t find our appointment slip which we needed to prove our identity. We checked everywhere: pockets, bags, wallets, back pockets, money belt, but nothing! So Dave sprinted up stairs to try and get a new one, unsure of whether they would re-issue it, but while he was gone Sarah actually managed to find the original one, we’d put it safely inside our passport case… typical. 

Sarah lining up a shot...
Dave made it back to the queue just in time with a new appointment slip, so now we had two just in case… Thankfully there was no need to stress, our interview lasted all of 30 seconds, however the monks in front of us did get grilled for quite some time. Glad it had gone well, we celebrated with a bubble tea on the way home to pack up our bags and put them in storage so we could take the bus to Melaka at lunch. The bus turned out to be surprisingly simple to find and to get tickets and the bus itself was surprisingly comfy. 

Dave aiming for a bulls eye!
One hour 45 minutes later we were at Melaka ‘Sentral’ and after a bit of searching managed to find the right bus to take us into town. From the bus stop it was a short walk to our hostel Casa Blanca which turned out to be really nice so we reserved a 2nd night straight away. We hadn’t managed to find lunch in the rush to get to the bus in time and as it was already 3pm we were quite hungry. Fortunately, we fluked finding a café nearby that had excellent laksa (a speciality of Melaka and one of Dave’s favourite dishes - What do you think? Is Nyonya Laksa the best type of laksa in the world?). 

Cendol - delicious ice dessert!
 We spent the rest of what was left of the arvo exploring town which was really nice to wander around, especially with the river running through it. We chanced upon a massive shopping centre and decided to check it out and to our surprise we found an indoor archery range and thought it’d be fun to have a shoot-out. We decided we’d call it a tie and the end although from the look on the guys faces who ran it we were both losers!

We had a small dinner nearby and tried a cendol which was fantastic and probably going to be our staple dessert while in Malaysia, although the amount of sugar does leave one buzzing for some time. It was dark when we walked back through town which was lovely as it was nicely illuminated at night and there were crazy bicycle taxi’s all lit up with fluorescent lights zooming around blasting out random music. It made the walk home interesting at least!

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