Monday, 17 March 2014

Farewell Laos, Hello Kuala Lumpur

We got up early to be showered and packed in time to have breakfast at 7am, the time it was meant to start. However, the service was very slow at that time of the morning which meant we had only 2 minutes to eat once it came – and it was piping hot! We forced a bit down and then hurriedly negotiated a tuk tuk with our burnt mouths and scored a really nice driver who even got us a trolley when we arrived at the airport.

Check-in and money exchange were straightforward and we didn’t have to wait long before it was our turn to board. The plane was surprisinhe gly half empty, so as soon as we took-off we spread out and got comfortable for the flight. We arrived in KL in the early morning and caught the ‘Star Shuttle’ bus into town, which was totally packed so obviously the popular choice for getting into town, and it took us about an hour and half to get to our stop near the middle of town.

The view from out window at the Step Inn Guesthouse
We checked into ‘Step Inn Guesthouse’ and we’re quite happy with the place as our room even had windows, which wasn’t always a guarantee in big cities, and the view was even of the Petronas Towers! It was back to having a shared bathroom though, but that would probably be the case from here on as nothing was as cheap as Laos where a private bathroom had been within the budget.

We napped and then showered and went for a walk to find the famous Central Market and China Town, the choices for dinner were overwhelming! In the end we settled on Indian which was excellent. We wandered through the massive rows of markets but managed to resist making any purchases as we still had a long way to carry our packs and they were already heavy enough. We were quite tempted by all the stalls and the cheap prices though and thought perhaps a few small things wouldn’t add too much weight... but then we knew that we were still heading to China and thought that possibly we should wait till then to buy stuff.

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