Friday, 21 March 2014

Enjoying Melaka

The ruins of St Paul's
We had a relaxed breaky in the spacious lounge room while reading the news and it almost felt like we were back home – except that we had somewhere new to explore when we were done, which is exactly what we did with a walking tour of Melaka. We had intended to check out a mosque built out over the water, but it turned out to be much further than anticipated and after an hour or so Dave’s new sandals were giving him pretty nasty blisters so we re-routed to a nearby shopping centre to buy band aids. Whilst there the food court tempted us and we decided that lunch would be a good idea.

The wooden Sultanate Palace
A laksa and hot-pot later, with two bubble-teas for the road, we were on our way to see the rest of the town. We checked out the ‘Sultanate Palace’ – a beautiful wooden palace built without a single nail – followed by the Portuguese Cemetery and the St Paul’s church ruins on top of a large hill which gave nice views out over the ocean. 

The old water wheel

We crossed back over the bridge to China Town and visited a few temples. It was the first time we’d noticed these strange little guardian creatures out the front of all the temples. We discovered that they were different variants of ‘Shi’, or ‘Foo Dogs’ to us Westerners, with powerful mythic protective benefits. We finished wandering the streets of China Town and after relaxing for a bit went to a place nearby where there were 3rd generation hand-made fish balls and we had two fantastic soups followed by steamed red bean buns – delicious.
Melaka by night

We walked off dinner by heading back to the old part of town as Dave wanted to try and photograph the psychedelic rickshaws zooming around. It must’ve been a slow night as they were few and far between but hopefully we managed at least one decent shot for the evening!

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