Monday, 10 February 2014

Wonderful Waterfalls

Relaxing hammock style
Our plan for the day was to head to the nearby Kouangxi waterfalls and go for a hike and a swim. It was easier than we thought to negotiate a tuk tuk and we ended up paying only 40K each for the return trip. We shared the ride with four Brits and it was an enjoyable 1 hour trip as they were very easy to talk to. We arrived around lunch and since there were no places to eat once you entered we decided to have lunch straight away. 

Bear version of King of the Castle #1
Once we entered we spent a fair amount of time enjoying the antics of the rescued Black Bears as they were very active and interesting to watch. Three of the males seemed to be playing ‘King of the Castle’ on top of one of their structures and it was a little bit scary the force at which they swiped each other and then small fence really did begin to seem rather small….

Bear version of King of the Castle #2

Bear version of King of the Castle #3

Bear version of King of the Castle #4
Once the battle had been won and things settled down in the bear enclosure we headed off to begin the slippery yet beautiful hike to the top of the falls which were cascades of cloudy aqua waters and stunning to look down over. The view down over the falls from the top was not only impressive due to the falls, but the forest around was the perfect backdrop.

The beautiful pools at the base of the falls
We hiked down the other side of the falls, with both of us slipping on our butts at least once each, but no damage down except that we took a refreshing swim once back at the bottom partly to cool off and partly to clean the mud off our boardies before finding our tuk tuk and heading back to town.

We enjoyed another delicious hot pot for dinner and then went back to our room to pack up as our week in Luang Prabang was already up, we couldn’t believe how fast the time had flown by.

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