Friday, 7 February 2014

Relaxing Luang Prabang style

A group of boy monks we spied while walking the streets
There wasn’t as much of a sleep in as we’d hoped for as the restaurant next door started clanking and banging their dishes at 7am, and then construction work across the road began, so we roused ourselves for some breaky. We found a cheap place on the water and enjoyed a slow breakfast followed by a stroll around town. We passed the day dozing, blogging, researching, app developing, coffee drinking in a great café we found on the river, and planning our next stage of travel.

We went back to the night markets for dinner again and had more fantastic food, such a variety! Followed naturally by coconut mini-pancakes… something we planned to have every night whilst in Luang Prabang…

The beautiful Ho Kham (Royal Palace)
The next day we went back to the great café we’d found in the arvo and enjoyed a breakfast. It did not disappoint with home-made granola, yoghurt, pancakes, proper coffee and free Wifi. In the end we stayed there until 2pm organising our China leg of the trip and we finally had it mostly sorted. We stretched our legs for the arvo exploring the less popular regions of town. We wandered passed a hairdresser and since it was only$3.50 Sarah decided a trim was in order. It took quite a while as Sarah’s hair was shampooed, conditioned, head massaged, hair cut, hair reconditioned, head re-massaged, hair blow-dried and finally ‘styled’ (for want of a better word). It was $3.50 well spent and Dave was regretting that he was still essentially bald from his previous head shave in Nepal as the two head massages alone were tempting at the price!

We made it back to town in time to avoid the late storm and sat it out on the verandah of a bar with happy hour happening. After a light dinner we went back to our room to book all the China flights we’d planned that morning. It was then we discovered that all the cheap flights applied only for those 55 and over or between 12-23 years, which well and truly ruled us out! This was quite disappointing as it meant all our planning and finding of cheap routes was no longer the case and we were essentially back to square one with our China itinerary… how frustrating!

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