Friday, 7 February 2014

LP Walking Tour of LP

Very original murals on Wat Xieng Thong
After another great breakfast at the same café we embarked on the LP walking tour of town that took us through all the major Wats which were very beautiful. The main Wat, Xieng Thong, was impressive with very original mosaics on the outside of two buildings, almost ‘art nouveau’ style.

We hiked up to Phou Si which afforded great views from the top and was worth getting drenched in sweat for. From the top we descended down the other side and continued on towards the Royal Museum, which was a little dull but there was an interesting parable represented in pictures as you toured the museum. Behind the museum was the ‘Floating Monks’ photography exhibition and it was very well done with some fantastic photos and moments captured.

Wat Xieng Thong
We were back in town for a late lunch only to discover that there was a black out, meaning no cooked food, so instead we ate some noodles on the street as they cook over gas - a tasty back up! Afterwards, as there wasn’t too much to do with the black out we wandered to the riverside and enjoyed some Beer Laos and watched the afternoon activity on the water. 
The view from Phou Si

As soon as the power was back on we were back planning our China trip which was turning into a bit of a headache. We were up till 1.30am trying to get things booked, a frustrating experience made more so thanks to super slow internet speeds!

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  1. Pourquoi ne pas rapporter les valeurs annoncées les journées passées par l’état national? Au moins on aurait la possibilité de chicaner selon les vrais chiffres.


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