Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Crazy Buddha Park

The 'pumpkin' you can enter and climb up
Our planned activity for the day was to catch a bus to the ‘Buddha Park’ which, surprise surprise, is full of statues of Buddha, although there are quite a few other deities also well represented. Contrary to the info given in the LP the bus we were advised to take (which was meant to be direct) terminated at the Friendship Bridge, the border crossing into Thailand. From there we had to take a second bus, or more correctly a small uncomfy minivan, the rest of the way on bumpy dirt roads. There’s not much out there except the Park and not many people either for that matter.

One of the bizarre sculptures
The park is actually really cool and bizarre, we’re sure many of the strange deities had fantastical mythical stories attached rather like the Greek gods and we were disappointed not to have a guide to enlighten us on them. The guide books didn’t say much either unfortunately. We entered what we called the ‘pumpkin’, the largest construction in the park which is divided into three levels – hell, earth and heaven. Climbing all the way to the top and out of the small window at the top gave us a great view over the whole spectacle of statues.

The view of the Park from the cave at the top of the 'pumpkin'

After returning to town, fairly straightforwardly despite some blogs we’d read, we retreated to our aircon for a quick respite before finding the night markets for dinner. They weren’t as impressive as the ones at Luang Prabang but still worth it for a good feed. We didn’t stay out too late though as we had to be up at 6am for our flight out of Laos – next stop Hong Kong! We would be sad to leave though as we’d thoroughly enjoyed exploring the many beautiful places in Laos.

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