Friday, 7 February 2014

Back to Luang Prabang

Enjoying the scenic river
We got up before 7am so that we could enjoy a last breakfast at Bamboozle before taking what we were sure was going to be an uncomfortable minibus ride back to Luang Prabang. We did the ‘in-season’ thing and had mulberry pancakes, mulberry tea and mulberry shakes and all were delicious.

Completely full we boarded our minivan to pleasantly discover that Rupert, a friendly German we’d seen around town over the last two days, was also making the journey. Amazingly, there turned out to be only 8 passengers in the van which meant we had the entire back seat to ourselves – a rare luxury! However, what unfortunately didn’t change from our other experiences was the road was in terribly condition, extremely windy and our driver was a complete nut. 

Mini coconut pancake things - tasty!!
Still, by 3.30pm we arrived in one piece at the bus station, which happened to be out of town and not in the centre as promised, so we shared a tuk tuk with Rupert the rest of the way. We quickly found Nam Toc 2 hotel as it had been recommended to us by some other travellers we’d met. After settling into the room we headed out for a Beer Laos on the river before continuing onto the famous night markets. We bought a plate for one of the buffets and totally stuffed ourselves. However, we were not too full to ignore the interesting looking coconut mini pancakes that we’d seen being cooked - they were fantastic and instantly became an evening staple. Actually, we also managed to fit in a crepe with pandan stuffing afterwards, but maybe we shouldn’t admit that…

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