Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pretty Phonsavan and UXO’s

A range of weaponry leftover from the war
During our long 12 hour bus trip we had decided that we would at least spend two days in Phonsavan as we couldn’t stand the thought of taking a long bus trip again before recovering fully. For once we allowed a tout to take us to town, mainly because he halved the cost of the ride into town if we just took a look at his hotel. After our long trip we actually couldn’t be bothered hunting around, and for 60K the large room was clean and had free internet so we decided to take it. After a quick shower we both climbed into the super comfy bed and slept till 2pm! We woke up starving, so in hindsight maybe we should’ve had the breakfast bowl of noodles offered at 2am…

The rain was torrential as we left the hotel so we raced across the road to first place that looked open and ordered a feast from the friendly, and now very happy old lady. The food was excellent, although most food is when one is so hungry, and afterwards we explored the small town as the rain had become only a slight drizzle. We visited the MAG (Mines Advisory Group) store and bought Dave a shirt after watching a fantastic documentary on the unexploded bombs in Laos. It was very eye-opening and emotive, especially as it was something that we were previously unaware of and something we ended up both feeling very compassionate about.

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