Friday, 24 January 2014

Passport Renewal

The only problem with the bus arriving early at 5.30am is that it takes a while to find any accommodation that is open, it was made even harder because everything was either crap or really expensive. In the end we settled on Mixay Paradise for 110K/night which at least included breakfast and a nice view over Wat Mixay. 
View over Wat Mixay from our window
After a strong coffee to help deal with our sleepless overnight bus trip we set out to start the process for a new passport, and the first thing was to get a new photo. Understandably, it was not the best one after 10 hours on a bus, no sleep and no shower – but at least you can’t smell a photo! Then it was off to find the embassy, which turned out to be much more of a hike then we thought from looking at the map which meant we arrived even more dishevelled then for the photo. It also meant that we arrived at 11:55am, so we hoped that our Embassy didn’t close between 12-1pm like most others. Luckily it didn’t, so we signed in and sent off the application, along with 1.78 million LAK, and it was done! It was a great relief to have it underway and not be walking around town with almost 2 million in our money belt anymore...

We stopped off for a phở on the way back into town, chancing upon a place obviously favoured by the locals as there were only two seats left in the crowded place. It gave us a good opportunity to see how the locals flavour their soups, and they definitely use all the condiments to their full extent! The lady across from us eagerly pointed at everything we should add and she wasn’t wrong with her suggestions as it was one of the best phở’s we had.

It was a sweltering long hot walk the rest of the way back and thankfully our room was ready as we were both in dire need of a shower. We rested and then went out to explore town and found the Chinatown section where we enjoyed the street food and a kind of chè for dessert before crawling back to our hotel and collapsing into bed for much needed catch up on sleep.

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