Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bumming Around Bungalow Style

View down the picturesque river
You might think that on our first day with nothing at all planned, in what seemed like forever, that we might actually sleep in. However, for some reason we were both up by 7.30am and as such decided to find somewhere to have breakfast. We weren’t really hungry yet, but we were fast learning that in Laos it’s best to go and order before you’re hungry or you’ll be absolutely starving by the time your meal arrives. True to style, we weren’t actually eating breakfast till 9.45am, but our banana pancakes and fresh fruit were worth waiting for. 

We chatted to the owner Dith while we ate, he and his wife Pew had only opened the place a year ago and were trying to get up and running. We decided to support their business and booked massages with their sister venture ‘Morning Dew’ for later that afternoon. 

Inside the Tham Pha Thok caves
After Dith refilled our water bottles for free (a much appreciated gesture) we struck off down the road to find the Tham Pha Thok caves which were about 3km’s away. We found them just off the road and were sold our entrance tickets by a three year-old boy, very cute and eager to give us our tickets. We climbed up into the massive caves where there is still evidence of how the locals had hidden out there during the war, especially when the bombs were being dropped.

Our main aim for being in Nong Khiaw was to slow down and relax, and so for the rest of our two days there we enjoyed our massages, many slow – but excellent - meals, quite a few dark Beer Laos’, long walks to neighbouring villages and up and down the picturesque riverside. It was exactly what we needed to catch up on everything we’d been meaning to do as well as sleep! 

Sunset on our walk back to the village
We did realise in our spare time that Sarah could renew her passport in Vientiane, she only had one page left so it was getting a bit tight for Visa’s! It would take a week or so to process so we decided that we should begin to head to Vientiane the next day and start the process and then continue exploring Laos while we waited for it to arrive. So it was farewell to Nong Khiaw as we packed up the backpacks and waited to see if the boat down river to Luang Prabang would be leaving the next day or not (it was always dependant on the number of people wanting to travel…)


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