Thursday, 3 October 2013

First Dr’s Visit

After feasting on our last buffet breakfast we relaxed in our room making use of the Wifi to plan the next stage of our trip. After lunch we’d planned to walk to central Hà Nội, but by then Sarah’s ear felt like it was going to explode so we instead found the nearest the nearest clinic. 

One-Pillar Pagoda
It was quite the experience, at one stage we had four assistants and two doctors in the room trying to interpret what we were saying. The word ‘pressure’ threw them a bit when Sarah was trying to describe what her inner ear felt like, but they eventually got the picture. The lead doctor put a camera inside Sarah’s ear that projected the image onto a huge screen, and the only thing we could see wrong with the inner ear was that it looked like a spider was living in there from all the cobwebs. Thankfully, the doctor’s prognosis was a little more qualified and he prescribed antibiotics and something to reduce the swelling. Amazingly two hours later we walked out of there, scripts filled, and the cost had only been $20... 

We enjoyed a final chè before grabbing our luggage and making our way to the train station for our overnight train to Sa Pa. It turned out that there was only one other person in our carriage – again, so much for there being only two tickets left as our hotel had said. Despite the train being fairly comfy neither of us slept particularly well, and we were fairly tired and bleary eyed when we pulled in at the train station nearest Sa Pa and quite happy that we’d pre-booked a transfer to Sa Pa town as we weren’t in the mood to negotiate a bus and then accommodation once we’d arrived after a minimal nights rest.

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