Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hội An to Hué

We still had one ticket left on our Old Town pass so after checking out of our hotel we walked back into town. However, thanks to a late start, by the time we got there it was lunch time and we didn’t realise that everything closed over the extended lunch hours which meant that we couldn’t use our ticket. Instead we did what everyone else was doing and had lunch before boarding our bus bound for Hué. We were travelling with ‘Sinh’ company, who are the most recommended – and most expensive – company in Vietnam and we were interested to see if their standard was above what we’d previously experienced.

Final feast in Hội An
The ‘pit-stop’ on a Sinh bus was a completely different world to other buses we’d travelled on. It was a nice resort with an expensive restaurant, clean toilets and surprisingly cheap red bean ice cream! Maybe the Sinh buses were worth the extra couple of bucks… We arrived in Hué about 5 hours later and as soon as we stepped off the bus we were instantly set upon by touts. We slipped down a side street to lose them and then followed our GPS to Valentine Hotel where we’d already booked. However, once we’d sat down and enjoyed our welcome tea in the foyer we were told that they had over booked and we were being moved to their brother hotel a couple of blocks away. We were a bit dubious about the quality of this brother hotel so they offered to take Dave to look at it before we made a decision. So off Dave went for his first motorbike ride in Vietnam, they even lent him a pink helmet for the occasion. On his return he gave the new hotel two thumbs up so we reshouldered our packs and walked over as it was only 300m away.

The new room was actually quite an upgrade – we even had a kettle! We showered off the sweat from all the walking with our backpacks in our large, clean shower and went into town to try and find the local speciality, Bún bò Huế, which we managed to do after a little searching. It was very tasty, but not dissimilar to a decent bowl of phở…

We walked back to our hotel along the river and chanced upon finding the backpacker street on the way. The happy hour drew us in and we tried two for one local beers followed up with a couple of cocktails before calling it a night.

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