Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sun and Snorkelling

The cable car out to VinPearl Island
Before we could go and enjoy our snorkeling trip we had to book a train ticket for Danang, but unfortunately on the evening we wanted to travel there were no sleepers left so we either had to change our date or see what a soft seat for an overnight journey was like. After some deliberation we decided not to lose a day in our schedule and booked the seat, even though we knew it would most likely mean no sleep for the trip.

Our boat ride out to snorkeling
That task done we had a quick breakfast and then boarded the bus at the tour office, which then did the rounds and picked up the others – most of who had kids and did not look dressed for a day on a boat. They all looked like they should be going to Vinpearl Island instead, and in fact that’s exactly what they were all doing. As soon as we arrived at the docks they were herded one way and we were directed to a large boat, aptly named ‘Amazing Snorkelling Tour’. There were only 14 people on board, a good sized group and a really friendly bunch so it was shaping up to be a good day. We were given the safety briefing on the way to our first island which took about an hour to reach, but it was a picturesque trip out there and even though the safety info was slightly boring learning about all the types of fish and their names was interesting.

The water was so warm and clear it made the snorkeling very enjoyable, unlike in Egypt where we had to force ourselves to stay in to see the wonderful fish. The variety and colour of fish were actually better than we were expecting – massive schools of brightly painted fish back-dropped against some beautiful varieties of coral. The time passed to quickly and we were all too soon called back to the boat to head to the next site where the coral was even bigger and brighter, dotted with numerous massive fluorescent blue starfish. We even saw a long trumpet fish glide past not to mention all the other schools of fish. 

Our lunch feast!!
Lunch on the boat was an amazing spread and we had worked up quite an appetite swimming around for a few hours. It was all prepared freshly on the boat and very delicious. We all tried our best to finish the feast, but there was just too much and we had to leave too many left overs for our liking!

After lunch was cleared away we motored to the 3rd snorkelling spot, but by then both of us were feeling rather sunburnt even though we’d been regularly applying our Banana Boat. We wore our shirts in as we were sure we were already going to be in pain the next day and we figured no sun was better than anymore sun cream applications. It was worth going back in though to cool off and help lunch digest a bit, although the first two spots had been better snorkeling, the water was still as enjoyable.

Some of the beautiful scenery
We arrived back on the dock by 4pm and after showering off the salt water we walked to the nearby supermarket to try and find some aloe vera gel as we were already looking like lobsters, especially the back of our legs which had not seen the sun for a long time. By the time evening came we were both in serious pain and we lathered ourselves in the aloe we’d found and took some pain killers to try and take the edge off, but we realised that we been rather foolish and we were going to regret not being more careful with our sun cream. We weren't looking forward to carrying our backpacks, thankfully that wasn’t for another day though and maybe the pain would be less by then...

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