Monday, 15 July 2013

Paradise in Mũi Né

Our first bus trip in Vietnam wasn’t too bad, but even so 5½ hours later we were still very happy to jump out as the driving was still a little erratic. The bus dropped us directly out the front of our hotel which was excellent as we weren’t looking forward to lugging our backpacks around again in the midday heat, we knew it was hot and humid as our glasses fogged up the instead we stepped off the bus... 

Tiny surf, but beautiful warm water!
Our resort, Sunrise Hotel, was fantastic, especially given the relatively low cost. From our room we had a view over the pool and out onto the beautiful blue ocean, what a place to relax! After settling in we walked up the one street in town, which runs parallel to the beach, to see what we could find in the way of lunch as it was already 2.30pm. We pretty much stopped at the first place that looked like there was some kitchen activity despite the late hour (most places seemed to be taking an afternoon siesta). When our food arrived we were so hungry we almost dug into our prawns before we realised that they were in fact raw, but luckily the waitress bought out the fondue pot in time and pointed out that we should cook them first, obviously thanks to the English translation what we ordered was not quite what we’d expected! Nevertheless, our accidental ‘prawn fondue’ dish was excellent and, as usual in Vietnam, the sauces that went with it were delicious. 

We finished lunch in time to be back at out hotel for the free coffee and tea served each afternoon, there was also fresh fruit and biscuits which we enjoyed as dessert along with our caffeine hit. Refuelled, the first thing that we needed to do was to buy Sarah a pair of boardies for the couple of days that we had planned for the beach. We wandered the other way up the street, checking out the few shops that were open and thankfully it wasn’t long before we found some for only $4.50. We could get used prices in Vietnam!

On our way back the skies opened up so we ducked into a ‘beauty salon’ and both had a pedicure, David’s first ever (and potentially last – he was way too ticklish and didn’t really enjoy having someone buff his nails), but even so it was nice to have some pampering for a change and our feet really did need some TLC!
Our pool lit up at night
A mere 20 minutes later both our pedicures and the rain were over so we continued back to our hotel where we changed into our swimmers and eagerly dove into the warm blue water. It was our first swim in the ocean for the longest time and it was great, something we’d both been missing since living away from Australia. Unfortunately, there was no surf to speak of as if there had have been we would’ve definitely rented some boards for the day. Instead we settled for body surfing the half foot swell and floating around in the warm water with the schools of fish.

Afterwards, we hit the shops for some OJ and vodka and relaxed with our home made cocktails by the pool, reading and watching the sunset over the ocean as the lights of the local fishing boats slowly flickered on and lit up the horizon. 

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