Friday, 26 July 2013

Nha Trang Explorations

The pancake cook-up
We only had a day to explore Nha Trang itself so we decided to make the most of it and woke somewhat early, and after applying more soothing aloe vera to our pink bodies we set off up the beach to take in the sights. We snacked on delicious rambutans as we strolled, trying our best to stay in the shade where possible as we were attempting to minimise sun exposure to help with our recovery!

Our mini-baby-
octopus-pancakes - yum!
We reached the inlet and continued across as we wanted to visit the Po Nagar Temple but we were distracted en route at a street vendor who was selling interesting looking mini folded pancake things with baby squid inside – they were really tasty and the lady smiled all the time as she watched us enjoy them. 

 Po Nagar Temple
Happy with our snacking we continued on to explore the temple and enjoy the view over the river and out over the ocean before crossing back over and heading into town to find Long Son Pagoda and the White Buddha - which was hard to miss as it was huge. As we were leaving the monastery which was part of the Buddha complex, we noticed a restaurant to one side that was completely vegetarian and looked really nice. We eagerly sat down and ordered probably a few plates too many, but it all sounded so delicious we wanted to try everything – especially the ‘vego meat’ as we were interested to see what that meant. It was worth over-ordering as each plate was different and excellent, and we were quite proud that we managed to leave only minimal left-overs!

The Giant White Buddha
We took our full bellies for a long stroll back to our section of the beach and watched the sunset and lights come on which nicely light up the path and seaside. We couldn’t stay out too late however as we needed to catch our overnight train to Danang so before long we walked back to our hotel where we very gingerly put our backpacks on our painfully burnt backs and headed to the station. Three generations of the family who ran the hotel farewelled us, and they presented us with a postcard saying thank you for our stay – they were a very nice family who we had talked with on our ins and outs quite a bit over the last two days and their friendliness and helpfulness had made our short stay in Nha Trang very pleasant. 

Once at the station we boarded our crowded carriage, once again we were the only white tourists, but this time we didn’t feel as gawked us as we did in India under similar circumstances. Our seats were comfy enough for us to manage a little sleep once we pulled out, that was until the mice running around the floor woke us up and then it was a bit more uncomfortable as we tried to sleep with our feet raised off the floor….

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