Sunday, 7 July 2013

From India to Thailand

We declined the offer of our hotel to organise us a taxi as we knew there’d be a commission and it we didn’t need it anyway as it was very easy to find one on the street for the price we expected. We were actually surprised at how easy the negotiation had been, but India wasn’t done with us yet. Our driver turned out to be the definition of a maniac, so we gritted our teeth for the 40 minute trip, held hands tightly and breathed a sigh of relief when we finally arrived in one piece, much earlier than we’d expected. Thanks to the maniacs driving we had time up our sleeve so we checked in our bags and around for a food court but there was no such thing, just one overpriced restaurant. We’d missed too many meals of late so we decided to spend the last of our rupees on breakfast and splurged in the restaurant. 

After eating a strange version of pancakes it was time to go through customs, during which we located a pair of scissors we’d been missing for weeks. We handed them over to the smiling customs man, figuring we weren’t losing much as technically we’d lost them already quite a while ago. We still had a bit of time to pass in the ‘lounge’ area as our plane was delayed. While we waited it to arrive we were approached by some staff to fill out a five page survey on how good the airport rated. We were brutally honest in the hope that maybe it would improve things for future passengers, as even though the airport was much better than many we’d flown from there were still numerous areas of improvement, for example more than restaurant. We might just have to go back one day to see if they took any advice on board…  

Once on the plane we ordered some cup-of-noodles so that we wouldn’t miss lunch since we were still trying hard to make sure we ate regularly. They tasted fantastic, and they were only cup-of-noodles, the flavours made us very excited to get to Thailand! We landed a couple of hours later in Bangkok, somewhere we’d already visited twice before, but this time we our visit was only for one full day as an extended lay-over. We decided to take public transport to our hotel from the airport, this did take us a while as it required catching the Sky Train and then two BTS trains, but it was worth saving the money on the taxi as the transport system was easy to navigate. 

Compared to what we were staying in India the hotel we’d booked in Bangkok was pure luxury and only cost a couple more bucks a night. We showered to wash off the remains of the Indian grime, dried ourselves on the fresh, fluffy towels and then excitedly headed out to find food. We just followed our noses and it didn’t take long till we found our first food to sample, khanom bueang, a very thin crepe-like things bent into what looks like a taco shell and filled with a puffy cloud of whipped egg whites. Some of food colourings added so it looks like pink or green clouds fill the taco. On top there are foi thong (golden threads) which are made from strings of egg yolk boiled in syrup till they caramelise. They are meant for dessert, but we didn’t care, we were just keen to start sampling the street food and we remembered how good these were from our previous visit. 

Our dessert was shortly followed by two steaming bowls of vegetable noodle soup, which was then followed by roti gluay (banana pancakes, something we’d also been craving since our last trip to Thailand) and this was further followed by sweet agar desserts. What a great feast we’d had just from wandering up one street! It made us very happy to have our appetites back and be amongst the smiling Thai people, and it also made us regret having decided to only have a one day stop-over.

We walked along the river for a while to help our dinner go down but after about an hour we were too tired to go any further and we decided to wander back. In the comfort of our clean and spacious room we enjoyed a cup of tea, as for the first time in a long while, we actually had a kettle in our room. Did we forget to mention that on our way back we also managed to find taro and black bean ice cream, just to round off our five course meal…

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