Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day Two in Paradise

No alarm was set and we slept in till our bodies naturally awoke, which was thankfully early enough to still make it down to breakfast. Sarah enjoyed her first breakfast phô while Dave had his first bacon and egg ‘McMuffin’ in a long time. Then it was straight to the beach for a swim in the warm water – it was so nice it reminded us of our honeymoon, just with less monkeys!

We took a walk down the beach to the headland, which didn’t look that far when we decided to go there, but it actually took us over an hour. Thirsty after the walk we decided to go back to our hotel along the road so that we could find some water and also check out the shops and restaurants down that part of the road that we had not yet explored. We were very hot and thirsty by the time we made it back to our hotel, and slightly sunburnt, and it was already past 2pm so we took a quick dip to cool our burnt backs and then indulged in the free afternoon tea to stave off hunger before a late lunch.

‘Smokey’s’ was nearby so we had a light lunch of fresh Vietnamese rolls and (of course) phở before spending the rest of the arvo by the pool combined with frequent dips in the ocean. It was a restful afternoon, something we both really needed, although after keeping such a fast pace it felt a little unnatural to stop and do nothing but relax.

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  1. My husband I and our girlfriend began a trip to Asia with Chiang Mai, then Cambodia. In Chiang Mai, we had half of the whole vacation just laying by the pool on complete relaxation. But after several days we still decided to go on excursions.
    My husband rented a scooter for us http://catmotors.net/health-and-life-insurance/, and he explained local road safety rules. So we visited the most popular temples (although they are popular all) and spent the evening in Thai restaurants enjoying spicy sauces for meat and my favorite seafood soups. In the morning we had a flight to Cambodia, I'll write about this another time, for now)


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