Thursday, 11 July 2013

Chinese Cholon

One of the pagodas
We slept in till 9am but we didn’t want to miss the free breakfast so we stirred ourselves, ate our fill, and found the local bus to drop us to District 5. This is the Cholon area which is the China Town of Ho Chi Minh. We did a tour of all the beautiful pagoda’s in the area, and there are quite a few! We also visited the Cathedral which is where the King hid out during the 60’s. 

We were hoping to find some proper Chinese cuisine for lunch, but there were surprisingly few places open to eat at. By the time we finally found somewhere we were too hungry to care that there was no English on the menu, no pictures to guide us and no English spoken at all by the staff. We decided it was about time that we did a random choosing so we both pointed to a number on the menu and waited with a bit of trepidation as to what would come out of the kitchen. Regardless, it smelt good and we were willing to try almost anything.

It seems that luck was on our side, and we ended up with a huge plate of steamed greens in a delicious sesame oil sauce and seafood soup that was just a tasty. Not what we would’ve considered to be Chinese cuisine though, but really what do we know? 

Up close of the cool roof on a pagoda
We only made it a few blocks when the skies opened up so we ducked into a small café for a supercharged coffee while we waited for the downpour to at least ease a bit before finding the right bus to take us back to our area. The afternoon was spent making an overdue insurance claim and another visit to the Post Office before an early dinner of fresh spring rolls, dim sums, pork noodles (enjoyed by Dave at least), and black bean soup for dessert. We walked around for a while after dinner, watching the locals play all sorts of weird sports in the park area near our hotel. The dance groups were the most entertaining to watch, old and young joined in with the most random music, all with synchronised moves that looked like they’d been practiced before a performance, but really it was just people having fun together in the evening. 

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