Monday, 8 July 2013

A Day Out – Bangkok Style

Ahhh, a sleep in! Well till 10am anyway, but that felt pretty long. Our plan for the day was to catch a ferry down the river to the main area of town, but that was it as far as a plan went. Since we’d been to Bangkok a few times before all we wanted to do was walk around and enjoy the place with no pressures of being a tourist. We really enjoyed doing just that for the next 6 hours, sampling a variety of street foods on the way – durian, bubble tea and pad thai just to name a few things.

We decided to walk home instead of taking the ferry so we crossed over the river and walked through the winding streets back to our area of town, stopping en route for some fish ball soup followed by stir-fry noodles as we neared our hotel. 

We didn’t stay out late as we had a 4.30am start the following morning, which thanks to the time change from India was going to feel like 3am for us… but when it’s that early it really doesn’t make much of a difference!

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