Monday, 1 July 2013

23 Hours on the Train

As relieved as we were to finally board the late train, we were even more relieved to get back off it as we didn’t pull into Satna till midnight the following day, totalling 23 hours on the train (not to mention all the time spent waiting for the train in the first place!) 

Sarah had come down with sinusitis and had pretty much slept away the entire trip in a half feverish state, whereas Dave was itching to get out, both starving and eager to stretch his legs. Our supplies had been polished off by lunchtime so when we arrived in Satna we were hungry and hoping to find a hotel quickly but also aware that at such a late hour we couldn’t be too choosy.

We took a cycle-rickshaw from the station to a good hotel that the LP said that was only 2km away. Not the best decision as it took us 20 minutes to get there and we had to be very insistent that we would not get out at the other hotels that our driver tried to sell to us. As it was he hung around once we’d arrived, demanding commission for our room even though we’d been the ones insisting to go this particular hotel. 

We had to wake up the boys on duty, but they were nice enough to give us a room at such a late hour. We were in no position to negotiate the price (although Dave did successfully knock 300INS off the price!) or to be fussy, but it was the worst room we’d had yet. No AC, filthy bed, shower was a hole in the wall, and no supplies of any kind. We were too tired and hungry to care, we just simply took a cold shower and climbed gratefully into our silk liners so as to not touch the sheets and went to tried to sleep.

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