Monday, 3 June 2013

The Pink City in the Rain

The Hawa Mahal
We surfaced late compared to our average early mornings and enjoyed a relaxed breakfast on the rooftop of our hotel with a view out to the nearby fort. We’d decided to follow the LP’s walking tour and took an auto-rickshaw to the New Gate where the tour was to begin. Although we may have set out from the correct starting point, we actually headed in the wrong direction, and it took us a surprising amount of time to realise that the sights the LP was describing weren't actually what we were seeing. After pulling out our trusty phone with Google maps (seriously the amount of times this saved us!) we realised how far off course we had wandered and set about heading back to the starting point - again. The upside to this was we’d seemed to wander into the Optician area of town and Sarah bought new contacts for only $20 and whilst doing so  discovered that glasses were similarly cheap so it was decided that we’d be back for a new pair of those as well seeing as the current pair were scratched to bits.

Some of the intricacies in the City Palace, beautiful.
We corrected our wayward course and followed the tour through the colourful bazaars and onto the honeycombed building known as the Hawa Mahal (meaning ‘Palace of the Winds’). We stopped for a late lunch before touring the City Palace which didn’t take too long to explore, but unfortunately just long enough so that when we arrived at the nearby tower it was too late to climb up and see the views out over the city.

We bought some super sweet delicious lychees for a ridiculously low price and enjoyed them as the rain began to fall, which was a pleasant change from the humidity and heat. We escaped the rain back at the opticians shop while waiting for an eye test and selecting new frames. In the end the total cost for a new pair of glasses, frames and all was only $75, we were very happy about that! And they’d be ready the next day, no complaints here.

We took our time getting back to the hotel and then enjoyed another meal on our rooftop, it was a great place to relax and enjoy looking out over the city while knowing an air conditioned room was only a stone’s throw away….

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