Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Slowing Down in Udaipur

Jagdish Temple
After catching up on a couple of hours sleep we headed to the rooftop for breakfast. Dave wasn’t feeling well though so after we’d eaten our only excursion was back to the train station so that we could buy Foreign Quota tickets for our journey to Mumbai. We did manage a quick tour of Jagdish Temple on the way back through town, it is only small but covered in impressive carvings, and worth the 10 minutes it took to see it, but then Dave slept away the rest of the arvo alternating between hot/cold sweats.

We both needed to get out by the time evening came and the temperature began to drop so we ventured to a nearby rooftop restaurant for dinner which had great views over the lake, but unfortunately it turned out to have not so great food. Dave was unable to finish his meal as he was running a high fever about halfway through, so it was a shaky trip down the staircase and straight to bed, hoping a good night sleep would do the trick.

It didn’t, Dave was no better the next morning and we’d run out of paracetamol. When Sarah went out to find chemist it was too early in the morning (8am) for anything to be open. Despite the lack of meds Dave managed to rally himself enough to get to a café for breakfast by the river since we needed to check out of our room. He probably shouldn’t have though as it wasn’t long before he had the same experience that Sarah had previously had in the train station – his hands starting shaking and tingling before his world went black. Sarah quickly laid him down in the nearby couch and asked for some ice and a cloth and we spent the next hour hoping Dave would be ok. Thankfully the café was empty and the waiter was very patient and didn’t mind that we were taking up his couch or that Dave was delirious.

After about an hour the tingling sensation had stopped and Dave was feeling good enough to struggle outside as we felt we’d overstayed our welcome. He was further motivated when two yanks turned up who looked and him and told him he’d be ok, it was just the heat and he’d get used to it, and then proceeded to have a loud conversation about inner peace and preventing mood swings… we hurried out before anymore advice was freely extended our way.

Unfortunately we had no room to go to as we had an overnight train in the evening, so we hung out on the rooftop for a while with a cool drink. By 2pm Dave had had enough of being roof-bound and decided that he felt well enough to tour the City Palace, which contained many beautiful and elaborately decorated rooms and the whole Palace took quite a while to explore. We were really looking forward to treating ourselves to scones and jam in the Dhubar Hall after exploring the Palace, but we discovered that it’s closed in the off-season, how disappointing! So instead we found a nearby place for an early dinner before strolling through the town to get a little bit of walking in before our 17 hour train journey.

We arrived at the station by 9pm and found our carriage and beds for the journey. We were surrounded by a large Indian family who were very animated and enjoyed watching us intently. We felt like every move we made was being scrutinised and commented on which made it a little but uncomfortable. We passed the trip sleeping on and off, watching a few movies and eating sporadically from the meagre supplies we’d bought with us. All in all it was a fairly uneventful trip and gave Dave the rest he needed to recover. It wasn’t till 2.30pm of the following day that we pulled into Bandra Terminus in Mumbai, eager to disembark and see what wonders the city had to offer us. 

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