Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mehrangarh Fort for Free

Our rooftop breakfast with a view!
We had another relaxed breakfast on another rooftop, we could get used to these. Unfortunately, the coffee we were looking forward too, thanks to the LP touting it to be ‘great real coffee’, was quite disappointing as in reality it was a small cup of burnt liquid that required a decent serve of sugar.

Never mind, it turned out to be our lucky day in other ways as when we arrived at the Fort we discovered that it was free as there was a festival or something on (we never did manage to discover what the event actually was, just that there was no entrance fee). The downside to this was that every local within a 100km radius was also visiting, so we spent the better part of the morning rubbing up against 1000’s of sweaty people as we toured the museum in the interior… well worth it though and nothing a shower wouldn’t rectify.

We walked back into town afterwards, exploring the Clock Tower and markets on the way, and then even though we’d been misled with our morning coffee we took on another LP recommendation and tried what was meant to be the best lassi in India, as we thought it was worth the risk. This time, fortunately, they may have actually been right. 

View from the Fort over the Blue City
Since it was still early we decided to stay on foot and walk back to our hotel, browsing shops on the way and purchasing a box of local sweets from a pink and white striped candy store. Each sweet was wrapped in silver foil that was apparently edible if one did not have the patience to unwrap said sweet before eating…

Back at out hotel we went straight onto the roof and enjoyed our sweets (mostly we bothered to unwrap them, although we were interested to test out the silver) along with a litchi shake before heading to an air conditioned place for dinner. It was the last air conditioning we’d enjoy as there were numerous black outs during the night meaning both the air con and fan were out of order – again we were awoken drenched in sweat, not really a pleasant way to start the new day.

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