Friday, 3 May 2013

The Difference $15 Makes

We were up early and made it to the Greenline bus office in time to enjoy a Masala tea and some fresh pastries bought from one of the numerous street sellers before we boarded our comfy tourist bus for the 8 hour trip back to Kathmandu. We were keen to find out if the extra cost of the ticket for the upgrade to tourist level would be worth it or not.

Our lunch break resort
After only about 1.5 hours into the trip we stopped at a nice place for a stretch and bathroom stop, and then after another 1.5 hours we stopped again for our free lunch that was included in the cost of the ticket. The place was a beautiful resort which provided a buffet lunch – nothing like our stops on the way down! 

It had been an early lunch and by 11.40 we were on the road again, enjoying the aircon considering the high temperatures outside. We stopped again at 1pm and by 3.30 we were parked in Kathmandu, walking distance from Thamel. What a difference the extra $7.50 a ticket had made! The trip back had been almost pleasant - we’d both almost finished a book, relaxed in the aircon and arrived back in Kathmandu not feeling exhausted at all, so maybe it was worth it…

We enjoyed a celebratory Bubble Tea in town before heading back through festival traffic to Sanu’s Guesthouse where we reclaimed our bags and our old room. The evening (once we had electricity) was spent organising everything for our Indian visa’s and all the annoying things that needed to get done after a couple of weeks sans internet….

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