Monday, 27 May 2013

Recovery Time in Agra

We went straight to Hotel Sheela which was both a good and bad choice – good because it was in a beautiful garden close to the Taj, bad because it was recommended in every guide book and therefore bargaining was not an option. We took a ‘water cooled’ room (the cheaper alternative to paying for aircon) and after forcing a coke into Dave he promptly passed out for the remainder of the morning. It was a scorcher day and the water cooled room was still a sweat box, so in the afternoon Dave gathered enough energy to walk to a nearby café so we could enjoy a coffee in the air conditioning while watching the only thing ever on the TV in India – the cricket. 

While Dave went back to rest, Sarah walked to the ticket office of the Taj Mahal, which is not at the entrance but 1 km down the road. Unfortunately, Sarah was told upon arrival that the ticket office was already closed, as it was nearing 5.30pm, and that it would reopen by 6am the next day. Sarah decided to check it out anyway and walked into the building discovered that not only was the ticket office still open but  that there was absolutely no queue (a rare occurrence in India) and hence she had the tickets within a matter of minutes and we were sorted for the next morning.

We chose a place down the road with Wifi (that actually worked) for dinner so we could check the status of our train tickets to Jaipur. We found out that we were still wait-listed which meant we’d need to head back to the train station to again try to work it out getting a seat. 

Dave was still recovering, but he managed to force down some rice before heading back to bed to try and regain some energy before our 6am start to see the Taj in the morning light.

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