Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May Day and Monkeys

The Three Golden Buddha's
Today was all about exploring Kathmandu, something we’d neglected to do until now. Our first stop was the Three Golden Buddha’s and we arrived there at the same time as a group of ‘tourist monks’. They all had on their orange robes, but combined with their Western hats and cameras, they all looked a bit out of place. We watched as they, all in a single file line, circled the Buddha’s, struck poses for the camera and then filed back on the bus for their next visitation site…

Golden Buddha
Afterward following the monks lead and circling the Buddhas we hiked up to the Monkey Temple. Only halfway up it became apparent why it was nicknamed so as there were monkeys everywhere, running over everything, being chased away by some, fed by others, and attempted pats by still others… it was all a bit chaotic.

When we arrived at the top the view was a little uninspiring as it overlooked the smog-laden valley, but the temple itself was quite nice despite the endless stalls set up everywhere trying to entice us to buy candles, flowers, incense, blessings etc etc etc. To gain our holy blessing, we decided against buying one of the numerous items on offer, and instead chose to spin all the prayer wheels as we walked clock-wise around the pagoda. 

Just wandering the streets...
After we’d finished and the monkeys were becoming too annoying we decided to walk back into Thamel so we could enjoy exploring the outer districts. Once we arrived back in the centre of town grabbed lunch and continued onto an old area of town that we had not yet visited - Patan. The ancient buildings and temples were beautiful and our visit to the Golden Temple was quite memorable as it was very intricately detailed and well worth seeing. We enjoyed our last afternoon in Nepal drinking tea on a rooftop terrace overlooking Dhubar Square, wondering about the hectic next day that would begin our journey to India. We would’ve stayed longer soaking up the afternoon sun on the roof but a massive dirt storm literally blew us back indoors and reminded us that before we could get to India we needed to try and pack everything we’d acquired into our two bulging backpacks…

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