Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Diving into Dehli

We spent a relaxing morning trying to fit everything into our bags – and after our shopping spree, they were reeeally full. Our backs were aching at the thought of lifting a heavier bag, but we are looking forward to posting a few kg’s home from India once we arrive in Dehli (the postal system there is meant to be more reliable than from Nepal). We split a cab with some Singaporean’s who were also staying at our hostel and then we spent the last of our rupees on an overpriced lunch at the only restaurant in the airport.  The plane ride was equally as uninspiring due to heavy smog so we slept for most of the short flight to Dehli, gathering energy for the onslaught. 

We’d been bracing ourselves for our entry into India as we’d read so many mixed reports, but it in the end it was straightforward and easy to navigate our way through customs and onto New Dehli St where we’d found beforehand a few possible hostels to stay in. Despite having a few potential places to look at it actually took us quite a bit of hunting to find a room with aircon (essential in India in May!) that wasn’t a complete flea, or rather bed bug, pit and was still within our budget.  In the end Dave had to do most of the running up the stairs to inspect the rooms as Sarah was coming down with the flu and had only enough energy to carry her heavy backpack from one place to the next and then sit and recover while Dave did the leg work. 

We finally found a place near Main Bazaar St, although we didn’t realise that until after we negotiated with the (Nepalise!) receptionist and checked in. Our wanderings had managed to get us a bit disorientated and in the end our hotel was well located right on the ocean. This thankfully meant that it was only a short walk to find somewhere for dinner and we opted for vegetarian for our first authentic Indian experience. Afterwards we hustled to the train station as we needed to reserve tickets for our trip to Armistar before 8pm. We made it there by 7.45pm and it was deserted apart from the few staff left behind desks who couldn’t have been less interested in helping us out. We stubbornly insisted and thankfully managed to get two 2nd class AC tickets without too much hassle, after reading many different and varying reports - we were intrigued to see what the train travel in India was going to be like…

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