Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Ticket to India

We ate a hurried, and somewhat strange, breakfast of potato and onion pancakes with honey… Suffice it to say we had a light breakfast with a lot of tea… We made it to the embassy by 8.10am to find there was a queue of 20 people already - thankfully this time however it was orderly and we passed the time waiting for the gates to open by chatting to a nice old Aussie hippy, Tony. 

Sarah turning some prayer wheels
Once we were inside it only took an hour for our number to be called. There were no complications and by 10.45 we were out of there, but having to return by 5pm to collect our passports - hopefully containing a three month visa.

We spent the day in town shopping for new shoes, enjoying cake and coffee as we checked out the sights and before we knew it, it was time head back to the embassy. We met up with Tony again and waited till 6pm for the passports to be delivered. Once they arrived it was a free-for-all, even the monks were pushing! But thanks to Sarah's deft ducking and weaving it only took about 10 minutes to secure our passports, after which we made a quick exit. We farewelled Tony, wishing him good luck with getting into Tibet, and then hurriedly tried to get a tuk-tuk before 7pm as at this time they stop running. Unfortunately, we weren't successful and instead had to negotiate a taxi for a much higher premium than a tuk-tuk.

After a quick curry dinner down the road from our hostel we headed back to our room in order to keep planning out time in India - as it had now become a reality since we had our visas in hand.

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