Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Painful Massage in Pleasant Pokhara

Our first morning in Pokhara was our first 'no alarm clock set' sleep in for a long time and we had both slept blissfully well – exhaustion must have finally taken its toll. We were starving as soon as we woke, maybe still needing to refuel after the trek, so we quickly strode to the main street in town where we had a delicious breaky with the nicest masala tea we’d had yet. 

Our eyes had been bigger than our stomachs though, so afterwards we took our time strolling the long way round to the Seeing Hands massage place where we planned to have a few of our aching muscles kneaded out. The massages at Seeing Hands are performed by blind masseuses/masseurs, and it aims to give blind Nepalese a place in society and an income that they otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to have - a great cause in our opinion.

Sunset over the lake
Let’s just say our respective massages really did the job, we were both squirming in pain as we were rubbed and worked over, but we both left feeling like we could use our legs again and our backs had lost their constant ache. We would highly recommend supporting this initiative and having a massage if you’re in Pokhara – whether you’ve hiked or not!

We met up with some fellow travelers with whom we'd shared the jeep ride to Jomsom with in the afternoon (surprisingly they recognised us despite our loss of hair) and we enjoyed a relaxing time drinking by the lake. As sunset neared we stretched our now almost recovered legs and walked around the lake for a an hour or so till the sun sank over the water at which time we escaped the mozzies and headed to a cheap place for dinner. 

Our one day of relaxing in Pokhara had passed all too fast and after dinner we were back in our room packing our bags and again setting an early alarm as we had to be up at 6am to get the bus for the long trip back to smoggy Kathmandu.


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